About Us

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ankit Saxena. I am a passionate iOS developer and blogger. Currently, I am working on end-to-end software development(iOS applications) life cycle from ​architecture designing, development, testing, and support by ​agile methodology using the latest technologies. Highly proficient in ​Swift​ language and iOS internals.

Currently, I am having an experience of over 4 years in iOS app development. I have good knowledge of Python Programming Language as well. I have completed several projects in it.

Why I created this Blog?

First of all, there are very few good resources to learn Swift Programming language on the web. So, with this blog. I am sharing my knowledge and providing solutions of most common errors and bugs during iOS app development. Apart from this, I will also be sharing my in-depth knowledge of the Python programming language as well.

Here are Some of the outlines of my upcoming Blog Posts

  • Core Data in iOS
  • Core Location and Map Kit in IOS
  • Building Complex User Interfacing without using Storyboards
  • In-Depth Articles on SwiftUI

Connect With Me

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