Solved – The local repository is out of date – Xcode

By | February 13, 2019

When you will get this error?

This is a very common error in Xcode. It comes when the user tries to commit and push the changes into a git branch.

The local repository is out of date

Reason for this error

Xcode shows this error when your online repository has some updates files than the current version on your system.
In other words, your repository is updated by someone. Generally when we add, file on GitHub, we commit it using the site itself. This causes the updation on the online repository. But it is not updated on your local machine.

Solution for this error

To avoid this error, we need to pull the updated repository and then only we can commit the new changes. So, to solve it
– pull the updated repository
– merge your code (The updated code you wrote on your machine)
– Commit and push again

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